Custom Poop Bag Process

The process for creating a custom printed poop bag is the same for all the types of bags we offer


Decide what you would like to print on the bag

Some customers include their business logo and additional verbiage.  Some customers just want verbiage.  It’s your choice.  The 15 count roll bags and the 200 count dog park style bags are both 8″ x 11.875″ tall.  You can print as little or as much as you wish on the surface area.  The coupon connected style bag is 8″ x 14.25″ tall.  We just ask that your print design stays approximately .5″ in from the edge on all sides.

Have never put a Design together before?

We are happy to help.  Just put your ideas together and email them to us.  We will send them on to the company that makes our printing plates and they will put a design together for you.  When you are sending us files of your logo, please send them in as high a resolution as you have available.  If you have a vector art file that is perfect.  The higher the resolution, the better the final printing plate.

You will receive a print proof for you to approve

Once your ideas are translated by the plate maker, you will receive a print proof for your approval before we make the printing plate.  You will have the opportunity to see what your design will look like on the bag.  Should you wish to make changes, you can.

Decide Bag Type, Quantity, and Color

Pricing is different for each type of bag and is based on the quantity purchased.  You will find the available colors and pricing break down on the main page for each type of bag below

15 Count Bag Rolls

200 Count Dog Park Style Rolls

Removable Coupon Style Rolls

Additional colors are always being added to our bag line.  If you don’t see a color that fits your need, ask us, we may be able to help.

Most of the printing we are asked to do is single color, black, dark blue, or white.  Custom ink colors are available at an additional cost.

Total Cost of Your Order

Printing Plate $100.00


Cost of the Bags

Total Number of Bags or Rolls X the cost per Bag or Roll



Once we know the total number of bags or rolls and a shipping address we can calculate the shipping cost

Contact us at or call us at 360-757-8880, to get the design process started.