Dog Waste Bags-Dog Owner Targeted Advertising Pickup Solutions 

Dog waste bags are both a dog waste clean-up and powerful dog related advertising tool.

  • Bio-buddy dog waste bags are made from 100% recycled plastic resin.  No virgin resin is used.  Our dog waste bags Reuse and Conserves Resources.  We think that is important.
  • The US Federal Trade Commission has issued Green Guidelines.  The Green Guidelines recommend that dog waste bags not be biodegradable. As a result, Bio buddy dog waste bags are NOT biodegradable.  We respect the environment by using recycled plastic.
  • Bio buddy bags will not become brittle and break into little bits of plastic litter when stored.  This is true even if they are stored for long periods of time.  Biodegradable and degradable dog waste bags cannot be stored for long periods.

We can customize different styles of dog waste bags !


Custom Printed Dog Poop Bags do not need to have only serious messages.

Custom Printing of Humorous, Social Messaged, and Novelty Dog Poop Bags is also available.

  • Custom Printed-Private Label dog poop bags are available.  As a result, you can target the messaging. 15 count clip-on-the-leash small rolls, dog park dispenser waste station rolls, and hanging/carded/mitt style bundles are available.
  • Bulk Roll and Hanging dog waste bags are a cost effective pick up solution, therefore result in reduced cleanup expense for Parks, Marinas, Campgrounds, Trails, HOAs, and Veterinarian Clinics.
  • Custom Printed waste bags are a SWMP MS4 Storm Water Management Public Educational Outreach Tool. Consequently they are an important part of a Dog Waste Disposal BMP Best Management Practices Plan
  • Printed Poop Bags are ideal for Dog Park and Veterinarian Advertising.  Retail Pet Store use them for Advertising.  They are a great Advertising and Branding tool for manufacturers of dog products.  They have been well received as Animal Rescue Fund Raising and Dog Rescue Contributor Thank-You Gifts.  The advertising and promotional possibilities are limitless!
  • If you are looking for a great Dog Park Waste Station bag theft solution, we have it.  We call it EASY TEAR.  Easy Tear is a Bio-Buddy exclusive

 Made in the USA!

NEW!!  Hanging/Carded/Mutt Style Dog Waste Bags WITHOUT THE WASTE!

No waste left in the dispenser after the bags are removed.

And we have added handles for easy customer use


Read the Federal Trade Commission’s Press Release on the problems with Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags.   You will see why we think Bio-buddy dog waste bags are better!


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dog waste bags dog house

Manufacturer Direct

We make all the bags we sell in our Washington State facility.  We are not just a reseller of imported dog waste bags.    Compare our quality. Compare our price.  Quick turnarounds on custom manufacturing.  Made in the USA! 

dog waste bags dog paw

Dog Park Solutions

Park Maintenance Professionals designed our dog waste bags to Fit All Major Dog Waste Stations.  Poop bags for both roll and hanging/carded/mitt style dispensers!

dog waste bags dog bowl

Easy to Use

Each bag has a easy pull-through to close the bag securely.   It also creates an easy-carry handle.  The Poop stays in the bag, so your hands stay clean.   This is a Bio-buddy exclusive!  Therefore no more dog walk mishaps.

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Custom Printed Bags

Custom Printed Dog Waste Bags- 15 Count Clip-On-Leash Size Rolls-200 count dog park rolls-200 count hanging/carded/mitt type bundles.