Printed Hanging Dog Waste Bags-Custom Printed With Your Message-Click for Pricing


Printed Hanging Dog Waste Bags Custom Printed Bundles With Your Own Message

Great Advertising Tool!


No Waste Dog Waste Bags

Less waste than other hanging bags!  No Waste remains in the dispenser after use!

Printed hanging dog waste bags provide the benefits of a header/card/mitt type dog waste bag while no leaving the mess of hanging card or header

Hanging dog waste bags designed for use in all standard dog waste bag dispensers that use header/carded/mitt type hanging bags therefore no dispenser modification is necessary



Printed Hanging Dog Waste Bags are an Opportunity to Send a Powerful Advertising Message to Your Customers and Community
Advertisers know that dog owners are an extremely loyal and desired customers.



 Creating a printed hanging dog waste bag is easy.

  • Put together your bag design.  The bags are 8″ wide x 14.25″ tall.
  • Handles are provided for easy tying
  • Email us your design or logo and we will contact you to work through the details.
  • Have an idea for a design but need it put together?  We can help.  Just send us the design pieces in as high a resolution file as possible.

Once the design is completed we create a proof.  The proof is sent to you for revison or approval.  You approve the proof. We have the printing plate made.

  • Decide the color for your bags.  White, beige, black, yellow, medium blue and lime green  bags are always available.  In stock ink colors include white, black, and royal blue.
  • Hanging dog waste bags are typically provided in bundles of 100 bags each.  We can provide custom bundle quantities.
  • Bags are Made in USA for speedy order fulfillment and high quality.
  • Complete process usually takes less than 3 weeks once the design is complete.

These hanging bags are the style used in dog park dispensers for header, carded, and mitt dog waste bags.

What you can expect to pay

All first time orders require a $100.00 fee for the printing plate.  This is a one-time fee.
The printing plate can also be used for future orders at no added cost.
In addition to the printing plate, you have the cost of the dog waste bag.  the quantity ordered determines the cost of the bags.

Printed Hanging Dog Waste Bags in 100 count bundles


12,000 bags, $720.00 (.06 per bag)
20,000 bags, $1000.00 (.05 per bag)
40,000 bags, $1600.00 (.04 per bag)

100,000 bags, $3000.00 (.03 per bag)


All custom printing is +/- 10% for total roll count



Example of stock white, black, yellow, medium blue, silver, and lime green

Others colors are available but that selection is constantly changing.  Please contact us directly for current availability

$100.00 for printing plate + cost of bags + shipping = Delivered cost to you.

Please note we reserve the right to reject images that we determine inappropriate to print
Contact us at or call us at 800-694-0017, to get the design process started.


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