Hanging Dog Waste Bags-100 Count Bundles-Stock Print Bags-No Dispenser Waste-Tie Handles-Click for Pricing

Hanging Dog Waste Bags-100 Count Bundles-Stock Print Bags-No Dispenser Waste-Tie Handles-Click for Pricing


Hanging Dog Waste Bags 100 Count Bundles-Tie Handles

No Waste Dog Waste Bags

Less waste than other hanging bags!  No Waste remains in the dispenser after use!

No cardboard or plastic header remains after use so less changeover time and trouble for maintenance crews!

Hanging dog waste bags designed for use in all standard dog waste bag dispensers that use header/carded/mitt type hanging bags therefore no dispenser modification is necessary


Hanging dog waste bags have been limited to header, carded, mitt style bags that require either a cardboard header or a wasted block of plastic at the top of the bundle in order for the bundle to hang in the dispenser.

We constantly heard from dog park maintenance folks that it was troublesome and a waste of both material and time.


We knew there had to be a better design


We created it!


Header dog waste bags WITHOUT the header


Hang the bundle as you normally would.  Pull a bag and it comes out clean.  No residue left in the dispenser!

Designed to fit all major header/card/mitt type bag holders


  • Bags measure 8″ wide x 14.25″ tall, so large enough for your biggest pickup jobs
  • Full .8 mill thick, so commercial thickness and thicker than many of the other hanging bags
  • Brightly colored, resulting in easy spotting of used bags that might end up under a bush.  Also we have found that brightly colored bags end up in the proper garbage can more often than dark colored ones.
  • Printed with humorous, positive message to encourage responsible dog waste pickup.
  • Clean cut holes in the top of the handles provide easy changeover for the dog park workers
  • Each hanging dog waste bag has handles allowing the user to easily tie the used bag closed.
  • Once tied closed, the handles serve as an easy way for user to carry the bag to the nearest garbage can, resulting in less used bags in the bushes.
  • Made in USA
  • Made from 100% recycle plastic resin


Packed in cases of 4,000 bags-40  100 count bundles per case


1-4 cases  $199.00     .04975 per bag

5-9 cases $175.00      .04375 per bag

10-24 cases $155.00     .03875 per bag

25 cases + $109.00     .02725  per bag

Pricing above are FOB our factory.


For larger quantities please contact us directly.





Contact us at bio-buddy@wimancorp.com or call us at 800-694-0017.

We are happy to set up accounts and provide terms to municipalities and dog park groups!