Private Label Dog Waste Bags-200 Bag Count-Full Size Rolls For Dog Park Dispensers-Click for Pricing

Private Label Dog Waste Bags-200 Bag Count-Full Size Rolls For Dog Park Dispensers-Click for Pricing

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Private Label Dog Waste Bags Custom Printed with your own advertising message.

Private Label Dog Waste Bags are an Opportunity to Send a Powerful Advertising Message to Your Customers and Community
Advertisers know that dog owners are an extremely loyal and desired customers.

USA made custom printed private label dog waste bags

purchased manufacturer direct, send a powerful advertising message to your customers and community.

Selling community advertising on private label dog waste bags is a proven method that many communities and dog park care groups have used to eliminate the cost of the dog waste bags for their dog parks.

Simply gather dog friendly advertisers in your community to be sponsors.

The sponsors pay for the advertising on the dog waste bags.

The custom printed private label dog waste bags are donated for dog park use.

Everyone Benefits

Rescue groups have also used this idea with great success!

The rescue group designs a bag with the group’s logo and information.

The bags are then sold to the members to raise funds for the group.

A product that the dog owner regularly purchases becomes an income source for something they believe in.

Again Everyone Benefits

Great For Veterinarian and Animal Clinic Advertising!

We have lowered the minimum for custom printed private label dog waste bags!


Private label dog waste bags are now available in as few as 4000 bags!

Creating a custom printed dog waste bag is easy.

  • Put together your bag design.  The bags are 8″ wide x 11.875″ tall.
  • Email us your design or logo and we will contact you to work through the details.
  • Have an idea for a design but need it put together?  We can help.  Just send us the design pieces.
  • Once the design is completed we create a proof.  The proof is sent to you for revison or approval. Once you approve the proof, we have the printing plate made.
  • Decide the color for your bags.  White, beige, black, yellow, medium blue and lime green  bags are always available.  In stock ink colors include white, black, and royal blue.  Need a different bag or custom PMS ink color?  We may be able to provide it, just ask.
  • Custom printed dog waste bags are provided in rolls from 50-200 bags per roll.
  • Bags are Made in USA for speedy order fulfillment and high quality.
  • Complete process usually takes less than 3 weeks.   If you need a faster fulfillment time, ask.  Rush orders may be possible.

These roll bags are the style typically used in dog park dispensers
We also offer the small 15-count rolls that go in the clip-on-the-leash holders
What you can expect to pay

All first time orders require a $100.00 fee for the printing plate.  This is a one-time fee.
The printing plate can also be used for future orders at no added cost.
In addition to the printing plate, you have the cost of the dog waste bags…..

Custom Printed Private Label Dog Waste Bags

4,000 bags, $400.00 (.10 per bag)
8,000 bags, $480.00 (.06 per bag)
12,000 bags, $600.00 (.05 per bag)
20,000 bags, $800.00 (.04 per bag)
40,000 bags, $1200.00 (.03 per bag)

100,000 bags, $2500.00 (.025 per bag)



Example of stock white, black, yellow, medium blue, silver, and lime green

Others colors are available but that selection is constantly changing.  Please contact us directly for availability

$100.00 for printing plate + cost of bags + shipping = Delivered cost to you.

Each case weighs approx. 23lbs, contains 20 rolls and measures 8″ x 8″ x 16″

Please note we reserve the right to reject images that we determine inappropriate to print
Contact us at or call us at 800-694-0017, to get the design process started.




  1. Ana

    We have been ordering these bags for over a year now and are very satisfied! The quality is fantastic and we get compliments on them all the time. Customer service has been top notch. We highly recommend them!

  2. Ryan

    Because our company goes well out of our way to buy locally and earth-friendly, we looked far and wide to find poop bags made in the USA.  Initially, the costs were outrageous until we found Bio-Buddy.  I assumed that when we got our samples that they would be flaky junk we couldn’t stand behind, but they were actually the highest quality of any of the bags we found.
    Dick is extremely knowledgeable about the space and, more importantly, just a good guy to work with and talk to.  I know more about dog poop bags than I previously thought possible.  It’s great to have him in our corner and I would highly recommend working with Bio-Buddy (ask for Dick).

  3. Rose

    Our company prints merchant ads on dog poop bags to subsidize recycling at area dog parks.  We’ve been ordering Bio-Buddy bags for 5+ years and continue to be impressed by consistent high quality of both the bags and the printing.  We have yet to hear a complaint from advertisers or park visitors.  Dick will steer you to just the product you need for your project.  You won’t go wrong with Bio-Buddy!

  4. jon

    My company uses Bio-Buddy bags as part of our marketing strategy and we love them. The bags are high quality and that’s very important to us when we decide who to trust both with presenting our company in the best light, and how to spend our all-important marketing money. The service is also top-notch.  Its a great product, great service and an effective marketing tool. We will definitely continue to order from Bio-Buddy. Thanks for everything, Bio-Buddy!

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