DISPENSER CONVERTER- Use Less Expensive Roll Bags in Hanging-Carded Bag Holders

DISPENSER CONVERTER- Use Less Expensive Roll Bags in Hanging-Carded Bag Holders



Dispenser Converter Allows Choice as to the Type of Bag You Use

With Bio-buddy’s Dispenser Converter you make the choice as to style of bag you use because both types will now work in the same bag dispenser.

Here is your opportunity to use less expensive roll dog waste bags even if you have dispensers that are designed for wicketed, hanging bags on a wasteful header.

Bio-buddy’s Dispenser Converter expands Your Options since you are no longer are you forced to only use one style of dog waste bags.

No longer are you forced to use the more expensive hanging wicketed bags just because you happen to have dispensers designed for one style of bag.

Start Saving Money On Roll Bags!

  • Our dispenser converter modifies wicketed style dog waste bags dispensers to accommodate less expensive roll bags. The dog waste bag dispenser converter creates 2 shelves, each holding one, 200 count roll of dog waste poop bags.
  • Adapting your dispenser is simple since you just open the dispenser and drop in the converter. It couldn’t be easier or quicker.
  • No permanent modification of your dog waste bag dispenser is needed.
  • Therefore should you want to change it back? Just open the dispenser and lift out the converter.
  • Made in the USA!  Built to last from heavy gauge galvanized steel.
  • Our dispenser converter is the perfect way to use custom printed roll bags and do some community business advertising to help offset the cost of the bags. Take advantage of our low minimums for custom printed roll bags and still use your dispensers.
  • Each package includes a converter and 2 rolls of dog waste bags. Everything you need to convert the dispenser and immediately start “taking care of business.”  That’s 400 dog waste bags for FREE when you buy the converter!
  • Free Shipping in the USA!  Including Alaska and Hawaii!
  • Please contact us directly at 800-694-0017 for multiple converter purchases.  Shipping multiple  dispenser converters in one package may enable us to discount the delivered price.

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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 10 in