Dog Waste Station Bags-4000 bag case- Click for QUANTITY Pricing Information

Dog Waste Station Bags-4000 bag case- Click for QUANTITY Pricing Information




Dog Waste Station Bags

Dog Waste Station Bags in Rolls For Pet Waste Bag Stations
Featuring Our Exclusive EASY TEAR Perforation System!
We provide an easy solution to cut down on Wasted Dog Waste Bags therefore saving you money.

Federal Trade Commission Green Guidelines Compliant

We make Bio-Buddy dog waste station bags made from recycled plastic and bio based resin.  This combination creates a biohybrid™ dog waste bag.
Since All our products are Made in USA, the quality is great.

Roll Dog Waste Bags-Bulk Case Pack

Since you are Buying Directly From The Manufacturer the price is great.

We make all our own bags so we know what is in them.  We do not sell imported products.


Because our roll bags fit all the major dog waste stations you are able to use your existing dispensers.

Therefore you save money.

Dog Waste Station Dog Bags by Bio-Buddy are a great dog waste pickup solution

When you buy Dog Waste Station Bags in Quantity you SAVE!

When you buy more you save more.

Our standard stock bags come packed in cases of 4,000 bags-20 200-count rolls each.


1 to 4 cases     $138.00 per case    3.45 cents per bag+shipping

5 to 9 cases    $100.00 per case     2.5 cents per bag+shipping

10 to 24 cases   $92.00 per case    2.3 cents per bag+shipping


For larger amounts please contact us at 1-800-694-0017 for a quote

We will always work with you to find the cheapest method of shipping which also saves money.

We Direct Bill Municipalities-Park and Public Works Departments
Dog Parks, Dog Rescue Groups and Condo Home Owner Associations (HOAs)

Which makes it easy for you.


Dog Walkers love them since they tie off easy and have a convenient handle.

Campgrounds use them on their Trail Systems since it is an easy tool for trail maintenance

Bio-Buddy dog waste station bags are well designed for HOA and Marina use since they help keep the grounds and waters clean.

Bio-buddy dog waste station bags are also a great Educational Outreach Tool for Municipal Storm Water Management Plans (SWMP) and Watershed Conservation Education

Dog Waste BMPS (Best Management Practices) Tool

Park and Recreation Professionals told us how they wanted the dog waste station bags and we listened

  • Dog Waste Station Bags printed with an educational message to encourage responsible dog waste pick-up.
  • Brightly colored dog waste bags to encourage responsible disposal in the garbage can-not under the closest bush.
  • Dog waste bags that were NOT biodegradable.   “Biodegradable” is seen as invitation to dispose of used dog waste bags improperly.   Used Dog Waste Bags thrown under the nearest bush is not good.  It is not good for the park workers.  It is not good for the environment.  Some dog waste bag users think “biodegradable” dog waste bags will just go away. They will not.  They will just turn into little pieces of plastic.  They will not go away.  The US Federal Trade Commission agrees with us.  They have issued new Green Guidelines  that explain the situation.  Local governments have been enforcing the rules.

Also be careful of dog waste bags that are marked oxo-biodegradable, oxo-degradable, and degradable.

Because they are designed to break up into bits, they all have the same problem.

And DO NOT comply with current FTC Guidelines

    • Bio-Buddy dog waste station bags work in all major roll dog waste bag dispensers.  No one wants to replace existing dog waste bag dispensers.   Why not use what you already have?

Based on what we learned from the park maintenance professionals Bio-Buddy dog waste station bags

Dog Waste Station Bags

Dog Waste Station Bags

  • Because they have a light-hearted, friendly, educational message they encourage dog waste pickup.
  • Since the are brightly colored they are easy spotting by park maintenance workers.
  • Due to NOT being biodegradable they have none of the problems associate with biodegradable dog waste bags.
  • Since a drop-in converter system is available for wicket style/carded bag dispensers, there is no need to replace existing dispensers.  Our converter drops right into existing hanging bag dispensers.  With the convertor, the dispenser with hold 2 rolls of roll style bags.

Our Dog Waste Station Bags Also

  • Provide a DOG WASTE BAG CLOSURE SYSTEM which keeps dog poop off your hands.
  • Are strong and thick for easy use while having no surprising break-through accidents.
  • Have no length of storage concerns.  Since there is no storage limit, Bio-Buddy dog waste bags will not become bits of litter during storage.  This is a problem which is common with “biodegradable” dog waste bags.
  • Made in the USA.  We are not resellers, we are the manufacturer.  Therefore you are dealing direct.
  • 8″ x 11.875″” bags  200 bags per 2.5″ diameter roll
  • Will provide softness and strength even when used in cold weather

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Dog Waste Station Bags can be Custom Printed.

Dog waste bags with a Message!  Advertise your Business or Product on the bags.  Donate the bags to a local dog park.  While you get the advertising, they get free bags.  It’s another way to stretch tight park budgets and seems to be a win-win situation.

Dog Waste Bags Made In The USA!



Additional information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 8 × 8 in