Dog Waste Bag Closure

Dog Waste Bag Closure

AKA The Poop is in the Bag, Let’s Keep it There


Sometimes closure is the hardest part…Dog waste bag closure is no exception.

In researching the design of our pet waste station bags, over and over we saw dog owners picking up their dog’s poop and then struggling to keep it in the bag.

Most people want to tie the bag closed once the dog waste is picked up but it can be difficult

And if you are out on a walk, and want to continue the walk, getting that bag securely closed is more than just important

It can smell spell the end of the walk

Many times we saw near pooptastrophies

We knew there had to be a better way

And we think we have found it!

On our dog waste station bags we have added a special perforated opening about an inch from the top of the bag that provides a method of closure.


The picture on the left shows a waste before the perforation is opened.  The bag on the right shows the perforation opened.




dog waste bag closure

dog waste bag closure








  • Pop open the perforation
  • Pick up the poop like you normally would
  • BUT at the point where you would usually struggle to tie the top of the bag together
  • Simply slide one side of the “handle” that you created when you opened the perforation, through the opening on the opposite side
  • Slide it down snug and the bag is closed tight!
  • Poop is contained in the bag along with much of the odor….


bag using dog waste bag closure

bag using dog waste bag closure








Not only is it tight and secure but you now have a handle that makes carrying the waste filled bag easy!

And if you want to tie it to the leash and let Fido do the honors of carrying the deposit, there is plenty of material to secure the bag to the leash.


Closure is no longer the most difficult part of your dog walk!

And you will not miss the dirty hands


We had the kids make a video to show how it is done.   Dog Waste Bag Closure