Large Dog Waste Bags-Recycled Plastic and Biobased Resin 200 bags per roll-2 roll minimum

Extra Large Dog Waste Bags

Large Dog Waste Bags-Recycled Plastic and Biobased Resin 200 bags per roll-2 roll minimum




Large Dog Waste Bags

Large dog waste bags Made from Recycled Plastic and Biobased Resin
Bio is in the bag!

Large Dog Waste Bags Sized for the Large Pick Up!
200 Bags Per Roll!
Twice the Usual Roll Count!

We Have a Great Product!
We Want You To Try It!

Large Dog Waste Bags made from

Recycled Plastic and Bio Based Resin

    • Less Plastic Used = Less Oil Used
    • Renewable Bio Based Resin + Reclaimed Resin = Lower Carbon Footprint!
    • Alternative to biodegradable dog waste bags.  Bio Resin = Bio in the Bag

Soft and silky to the touch

  • 10″ wide x 12″ tall for large pickup jobs!
  • DOG WASTE BAG CLOSURE SYSTEM  keeps your hands clean
  • 200 bags per roll!
  • Thicker and stronger than most other dog waste bags
  • Does not easily tear during use like dog waste bags made from stiff high density poly.
  • No fake perfume odor that stays on your hands and smells worse than the dog poop itself
  • No shelf-life concerns. Will not turn into bits of litter like most “biodegradable” dog waste poop bags.
  • Made in USA for great quality
  • Compare the price of our Extra Large  dog waste poop bags to biodegradable compostable bags.  Bio Based added to reclaimed resin are a fraction of the price!
  • Large Dog Waste Bags for the Large Dog Pickup!
  • Before we created Bio-buddy bio added dog waste poop bags we looked around the marketplace and were disappointed by what we found.

The market was full of claims dog waste bags that claimed to be biodegradable
It sounded good
But we knew it was too good to be true
Many of the claims just didn’t pass the sniff test
When we tested the bags they just broke up into little bits of plastic
Turns out the Federal Trade Commission agrees with us
And has issued new Green Guidelines for biodegradable plastic
They determined that biodegradable was intended to deceive
not solve the landfill problem
We thought it was sad that some manufacturers thought it was not possible to sell a product
and tell the truth at the same time….
We knew there had to be a better solution

And we think we have found it

Large Dog Waste Bags

Recycled Plastic and Bio Based Resin

Bio is in the bag!


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